In this project, I filmed, edited and color graded the images. The script was made following Ozone's guidelines.

"This time manufactured with new materials, the Edge V11 will take you to higher altitudes and quicker than before. It drives fast through turns making it easy to send it big and maximise satisfaction from your free ride sessions. The bar feeling is smooth as the kite transitions through angle of attack range, helping during take off to perfectly time your jumps."

Sitting in the middle of the Macaronesia, about 520km off the African coast, lies the island of Madeira. Rising from the bottom of the Atlantic, the island reaches more than 1800metres at its highest point and within a small area of 740km2, you can find different climates, contrasts and breathtaking views and this is where we were headed for our adventure.

Filmmakers: @alvarokrodriguez @ernestadalid
Editor: @alvarokrodriguez

Val d'Aran is in the northwestern part of Catalonia (Spain), in the heart of the Pyrenees where 30% of the territory is more than 2,000m high. The mountains that surround the Val d'Aran form a natural barrier, which is a very important fact in its history, culture and climate.

Video filmed and edited by @alvarokrodriguez

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Video edited and filmed by @alvarokrodriguez for the new Ozone Alpha V2 Kite.

The new Alpha-V2 has been completely re-designed featuring our new Continuous Curve Leading Edge construction, each segment is now curved to form a perfect smooth arc from tip to tip as opposed to straight segments with angled joints. Transversal Sail Shaping has been incorporated to perfectly match the new Continuous Curve Leading Edge.

"Since I was a kid, I’ve visited Burriach Castle a thousand times with friends and family. There is a very popular hike in the area: a short 20-25 minute walk that takes you 400 metres above sea level. The views are breathtaking. You can feel the breeze of the sea, the beauty of the Montseny mountain, and even on clear days, Barcelona. The wall of the castle has always been a great attraction for me. I’ve always seen the famous riders who did super spectacular things and I just wanted to be like them. That's why I’ve always wanted to ride it."

- Pol Tarrés -

Dolomites is a short film starring Pol Tarres and Ernest Aldalid while they descend from the highest peaks in the Dolomites, Italy. We explored and biked through the Italian Alps for days searching for the perfect spots to film and bike. The final cut combines the famous Val di Fasa track and the result of our location search.

Thanks to Aitor Lamadrid for his support and help in filming and taking pictures.
Video filmed by @alvarokrodriguez and @aitorlamadrid and edited by @alvarokrodriguez.

Sahara: A Kitesurf Story is a short movie made in collaboration with Manera and F-One Kites and features David Tonijuan's journey while he reconnects with his true passion, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes in Western Sahara. It is a movie about solitude, progress, and discovery.

In this project, I filmed, edited and color graded the images, recorded and edited the sound and art directed the video. The script was made in collaboration with David.


Maldives is my first big movie of 2018. My intention was to feature a combination of unique landscapes, surfing and adventure travelling in a raw and authentic way. Matching it with a soundtrack to add a mood on top of the images and tell the story of what this lifestyle is about.

I worked in this project doing everything by myself. Camera and drone filming, editing, color grading and sound editing.

Deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one cares for and/or loves while simultaneously having positive emotions towards the future.

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